Sunday, August 22, 2010

66 Love Letters

66 Love Letters

I woke in the morning from a peaceful night of sleep
The sun was peeking above the horizon and its light was all I could see
Soon enough it would fill up my room
Not a moment too late not a moment too soon
This time, He didn't even wake me at four a.m.
To have a conversation with Him
He didn't need to tell me that when I woke
The only reminisce of Him would be left on my bedside table

So I rise to my feet make my bed
And try to pretend His words aren't running through my head

Like His feet are tired cause He has been running through my mind all day long
And I can't even turn on the radio cause I would hear our song

I know that it's my soul that feels a little lost
But without Him how do I even begin to pick up my cross?

His answer is very clear
With His word His 66 love letters.
They are all He left for me
I see them bound tightly on my table waiting for me

To read them over and over again.
I pick up His love letters and it is as if I can smell Him

Like His scent was all that He left behind
Pressed within the thin papers, I will read and understand with time

My heart aches to feel His touch
But He already knows His love is enough

So I open them up
And His love overflows from my cup

It reaches out from the pages
His love speaks to me loud and it is more than amazing

Its more than a date He could take me on
More than the melodies in our favorite song

He speaks of His love for me
And how I can be with Him for all eternity

He tells me He loves the just
And will not forsake the faithful ones

He loves me so much
He gave His one and only son

His love dances off of the pages
It can carry me through life's different stages

He tells me love is patient love is kind
And He will always pick me up on time

I just have to seek Him for He is always there
Its like He is within the wind playing with my hair

And that air that I breathe
Is because He gave that to me

With every beat of my heart, I know His promises
And as I keep reading I will find them in His verses

I can't even believe He took the time
To write His love letters from His heart to mine

His words are more than sweet nothings in my ear
They bring life, clarity and free me from despair

So as I wake each morning and lay it down each night
I have His 66 love letters to read and get me through this life

And although I can't see my love
I can feel Him like a shower raining from above

He might not always wake me to pray
But I always have the choice to call on Him every moment of every day.

His love can not be measured and can not be touched.
But my God's love is more than enough.

With Love,


  1. Blessings Misty... I have really enjoyed reading through your posts from the Amazing Love back to here. Beautiful how you choose to express your love for Our Lord!!! And you're new to blogging!

    Awesome! I stopped here because it's so late but I did bookmark your blog! I chose this one because I love a new book that was published by this name 66 Love Letters! It is written by Dr. Larry Crabb and it is on each book in the Bible and His Love through each one.

    Beautiful gift...keep writing!

    You visited a team blog that I'm on...The Power of Your Love where you liked the song posts. This comment will take you to my regular blog!
    Thanks for your visit, hope I remember to come back!

  2. Hi Misty, I kind of stumbled across your blog. Your love for the Savior is very evident in your beautiful writing.

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  4. Hi Misty, first I thought 66 has something to do with the devil, but the Lord wrote 66 letters to combat him. Thanks!