Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In The Midst Of A Storm

There is a storm passing over my house, literally. I can hear the rain pounding down on my concrete driveway. As I draw back the curtains I see a darkened sky, broken branches and water-filled gutters that are now my scenery. The thunder rolling in the distance is slowly crawling closer to my house.

Although I sit in the midst of a storm I am protected. I have a roof over my head and four walls that shield me from the elements. I could choose to get up and step outside of my current environment and step into the storm, or I can choose to sit comfortably in my house and watch it pass by. Right now I choose to sit within my comfort zone and be protected. Besides if I stepped outside I would likely be drenched before I made it to my vehicle!

I realize as I type my thoughts that God is much like my house. He protects me from the storm if I allow Him to. He gives me the strength I need much like the foundation of a house to stand firm against the storm.

Not only does He pour out strength into my being, He also gives me the wisdom to know there is so much more. I learn that this storm that keeps me confined in my house doesn't need to control my schedule. I also know that when the time is right with the proper protection I can step out in the storm.

Similar to how a rain jacket, rain boots, and an umbrella will help keep me dry, the Armor of God will protect me from the storm we are continuously walking through. It will not only protect me it will give me the courage I need to rise up and do more of His work on earth.

As I draw to a close the storm seems to be letting up. Even when this one passes I know another will soon be on its way. The storms only make us stronger. We learn where the leaks are in the roof and mend them before the next storm. We wear heavier clothes as the months turn and we exchange our flip flops for boots.

I'll leave you with this thought. Do you allow storms to confine you to your home? Or do you have the protection you need? When storms approach, do you jump into your comfort zone or do you get geared up and face it head on?

Psalm 3:3 "But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head"

Blessings Always,


  1. Amen!!! The Lord is our protection and strength to make it thru the storm and some He protects us from. All praises be to God. Keep doing it Misty.

    Much Love

  2. Amen and many blessings Misty in the midst of the storm... I've been in the midst of storms early every morning! You have some really good analogies here and so I'm waiting for you to make that HUGE STEP...yep, out of your comfort zone! It's so great to know that He is Our Protector, Our Strength, Our Shield, Our Complete Armor, in fact!

    So JUMP in the puddles with JOY and Trust...you have such a beautiful heart and gift of writing!

    Peace & love... sometimes I'm Anonymous when I'm not signed in but you already have one...(lol)
    Stay Protected and safe from the storm!