Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Box

I received that gift 1 year and almost 8 months ago. I was pleased the day I received it but afraid it would break so I placed it in a box and tucked it away.

I never forgot about it. One day I dusted it off and put it on the brick mantle for display. Look but please don't touch are the words my soul would say. My heart needed it, my spirit craved it, but I didn't want to change, bend or break it.

So I would look from afar and gaze at it with loving eyes. This was my gift from Him and I didn't want to lose it, but I wasn't ready for it to shake my spirit or rock my world.

Each morning I would see it sitting there. I'd admire it from a distance. From the outside, it was amazing, beautiful, vast and awe-inspiring.

My view never quite stepped over the line. The line my finger drew that kept me on the outside.

Kids ran passed it, life flew by it and only once in a while would we slow long enough to treasure it. The days were too busy and time slipped away. We just couldn't slow the second hand long enough to be with it, hold it and love it.

Dust gathered in layers falling on and around it. I forgot what it looked like sitting there on display.

The sun would set and the moon would dance in the darkened sky. The hours ticked, the weeks passed and life was all but sand flowing in an hour glass.

Then the day came that shook my spirit and rattled this old house. The picture perfect image fell to the ground while the earth shifted beneath my feet. The box flew open and shattered into a million pieces. Tears filled my eyes to where I could no longer see.

My heart pounded, my spirit screamed OH NO! What do I do? How do I put this gift back together? Where is my glue? My heart continued to race, my eyes wept while my spirit knelt down to pick up what was left.

I inhaled the fragrance that I longed to keep. The fragrance of Him seeping into me. I tried to sweep the pieces that appeared broken, but they surrounded me. Holding me, loving me and simply consuming me.

I sat in the moment just me and my gift. Just me and the box I had put Him in. I sat within His presence unwrapped and beauty unmatched. I sat with Him and began to realize the gift I was given was meant to be seen.

I could hold Him touch Him feel Him love Him. He wanted to be shared with all eyes that could see. He even wanted to be shared with those who sat blindly.

He had to shatter my world to break open the box. The box I placed Him in. The box He is too big for. The box I needed no more.

I thank God that He rattled my world, shook the foundation I stood upon and broke open the box I stuffed Him in.

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Blessings and Love,


  1. Wow! Thought provoking!
    I tend to keep God in a box.
    I really need to let Him break open that box.
    He really is bigger than anything I can imagine.

  2. 'The box we put God in'. This was not the ending I saw coming as I read but such a prefect ending. You are right, he is too big for any box we can put Him in. Loved this.

  3. Oh Misty, this is absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad He allowed the box to be shattered so you could be enveloped in His love and acceptance. Keep inhaling His fragrance, sweet friend. He loves you so.

    You have no idea what your comment on my blog today started! I hope you (and your friend starting up the women's ministry) will be able to drop by tomorrow. God is so good!

  4. Beautiful! Wonderfully written. :)

  5. What a wonderful, thought-provoking post!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful!

  7. Wonderful post. May Our Savior continue to abide (settle down, be at home) deep within you. He will do amazing things in our lives IF we will unwrap the gift of His presence.

  8. Beautiful thought-provoking post! I love your words "He had to shatter my world to break open the box. The box I placed Him in. The box He is too big for." What an awesome concept! :) Deb @ RaisingFigureSkaters.com

  9. What a fantastic story. We can't keep Him in a box. We can try but we can't do it. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Misty:

    This was fantabulously written. I shared it with my own comment here: My Google Reader Shares
    You'll see it when you open the page.

  11. Simply beautiful. Touched me...made me wonder if I have put Him in a box.