Friday, September 23, 2011

Touchdown For Jesus

There wouldn't be a ninja ducking behind the corner of the aisle that day. There wouldn't be a pretend water gun fight with a passerby.

Instead, He tumbled into the fall season running down the empty aisle only to slide on his knees in a fantastic touchdown. Swinging his arms high up in the air he turned and looked at me with great excitement, "Mom! Did you see that? I scored a touchdown!"

His eyes full of excitement, his words dancing loudly while his smile brightened my day.

I gazed at him for a minute. Stepped outside of the grocery store and into the football game in our minds. The overflowing crowd cheering drenched in red. Banners raised while the band played. This had to be a college football game.

My oldest son's words soon interrupted my favorite pastime. The crowds ceased and the band came to a halt.

"Mom, Ms. Nichols stopped me in the hall today and asked me if I talked to T about Jesus."

"And.. what did you say?"

"I told her yes."

A few moments drifted in time as I pictured this brief conversation in my mind. My lips now curved up as joy from within was displayed in a grin.

"I told her yes and you know what momma!?! She told me, good job because T has been telling the entire class about Jesus!" I looked at my oldest son with great pride as he grabbed a few items and tossed them in the cart.

Looking ahead my five-year-old's football game carried on. I watched with admiration as he ran toward the end zone. Briefly pausing the game in his mind.

"Hey T, what do you tell your class?" I asked.

"I have to tell them Jesus is coming back and you know what mom? Some don't think it's true, but I know He is! So I just keep telling them!" I swallowed hard trying not to let the tears fall in the aisle of the grocery store that day.

T ran down the isle as he continued his game. Running fast toward the end zone he scored another point another victory.

This time, the crowd was drenched in red, not for school colors but for the blood that He shed. The people rejoiced for this little one. The band played and in my mind I heard an angel sing.

Today I brag on God for the touchdown in the isle that day. I praise Him for the small feet that run into His end zone making touchdowns for Jesus every day!

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  1. Oh how precious! Congratulations to both boys. And to you, their mother, who encourages them to work hard and live for Jesus.



    And I LOVE the link-up... Brag on God Friday... what an fantastic idea!

    I am SO happy that you found my blog, and commented, because I CANNOT wait to read the rest of your writing!! :)

    I got chills! :)
    Thank you so much.

  3. What a wonderful lesson from your boys. I'm glad you shared it with us. Thank you for the nice comments you made on Spiritual Sundays. After I posted about the changes there I remembered how negatively people are reacting to changes on Facebook and thought, "Oh no, I hope I don't get the same reaction on Spiritual Sundays." Your comment made my day.

  4. Oh, this brings back such precious memories. God bless you, their mother, and may you always enjoy the knowledge that your children are ambassadors for Him. Thank you for sharing and for your visit.


  5. HI Misty, Thanks for your your visit and comment. There is such a feeling of excitment and newness when fall arrives. Love your post.. reminds me of these precious words, "And a child shall lead them."

  6. What a blessing to hear such wisdom from those so young! Thank you for sharing!

    Living for Him, Joan

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blogs today and leaving your encouraging comments!

  7. How precious. God is going to use these little boys in mighty ways.

  8. beautiful Misty....and your son is amazing....

  9. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it. ~Mark 10:15.
    Thank you for sharing this delightful, inspiring story.

  10. The faith and boldness of children amaze me. What a wonderful gift you have in your son. May God continue to raise Him up with that passion for the Gospel.

  11. Thank you for sharing.
    This is so precious.

  12. You really touched my heart tonight as I read your post. Thank you for sharing something that gave you joy and pride in your son.
    Blessings, Jeanne

  13. What a joyous story! This gives me joy. Thank you. And thank you for your visit and kind words at my place earlier in the week. Grace and peace to you in Jesus.