Thursday, October 30, 2014

He and His Daughters

"What are your fears?" The question lingered in her ears.

She was challenged to put a voice to them. Challenged to overcome them. So she talked with Jesus and caught a glimpse of her Bible laying wide open.

She looked with a half smile not knowing what journey He would take her on. But she knew Him well enough to know He would give her something to stand upon.

For He... He knew her fears.

They were tucked deep within. She tried to keep them hidden.

Her fears.

The words. Thoughts. Opinions of others.

He knew how they halted her. Less like speed bumps and more like stop lights. Long. Traffic creating. Congestion causing. Stop lights.

He gently began bringing them to the surface of her with His word. When she stopped to take a longer look at her bible she noticed it was open to Nehemiah. One who was called to rebuild the wall.

She read quickly through chapter one and two while nearly skipping chapter three. The names were long and hard to pronounce. But Jesus made. her. slow. down.

Zadok. Tekoites. Jehoiada.

She laughed and as she said, "Boy am I glad I have a normal name." She imagined Jesus smile as He reminded her of the names she gave her own children. Different. Beautiful. Unique.

So she carried on just her and Her King. Reading the names of the ones who rebuilt the wall of the city.

She imagined what it looked like. The season. The dirt. She made it to Nehemiah 3:12 and paused.

"And next to him was Shallum the son of Hallohesh, leader of half the district of Jerusalem; he and his daughters made repairs."

He and his daughters made repairs.

His daughters made repairs.

His daughters.

And she stopped right there. She wondered what they looked like. Their hands thick rich in dirt.

Working beside sweating. stinking. men.

His daughters made repairs.

She wondered what the other women thought tucked deep in their houses.

Where they proud of his daughters working alongside the men? Or did they think they needed to come in? Warm a fire or cook in the kitchen?

Her heart skipped fast that night while reading all of the names. They were the only daughters mentioned.

And she wondered if they had fears?

She thought about how they continued His work in the dirt. Words. Snares. Looks. Didn't stop them from getting dirty for The King. Rebuilding the walls of the ancient city.

As she thought about His Daughters Jesus led her to Isaiah 61.

A familiar scripture that she began to read quick. Only to screech to a halt not even half way through it.

Verse four "And they shall rebuild the old ruins, They shall raise up former desolations, And they shall repair the ruined cities, The desolations of many generations."

And she thought of all the people in the world. Feeling ruined. Sitting broken.

And how they must be waiting for those unafraid. Unafraid to build them up. Dust them off.

How even the earth eagerly awaits for those who aren't afraid. Afraid of the dirt. The sweat. The tears. The ones called to repair.

The ones who would raise up the former desolations.

The ones who can press pass the opinions of others. Because there is a beautiful city fit for a King, waiting to be uncovered by a team. A team of builders.

A team that includes His daughters.

He began to show her fear wasn't greater than His plan. Wasn't greater than what was within. And as she set out to follow Him, He grabbed her heart and placed in her hand the greatest tool to use.


So with Him. His Blueprint. And His love.

She set out to rebuild the old ruins. And the earth shook beneath her feet. Their feet.

For He and His daughters rebuilt the beautiful for all to see.


Missional Women

Blessings Always,