Sunday, August 23, 2015


And then there are days.. that you want to throw in the towel if your hands could grasp one. Curl up in a ball and just be done. Days where sentences start with unlikely words like and.. as if its caught you off guard, showed up a little late or mid sentence.

I get it. I've been there. Curled up in that ball. Somewhere in between a tear soaked pillow and empty tissue boxes. Where words and people made their way too close and tore me down.

I used to wallow in it.

It wasn't a comfortable place but a familiar one.

That place seeped out in my words, trickled down like tears over my days and tried to define me.

People tried to remind me of who I was and the mistakes I had made. In my days of spinning words I almost slipped back into that familiar place. The road was easy to find. I knew the turns, valleys, highs and the lows. I could feel it pulling me back.

But when I turned to look back warmth fell on me. It had a hold on me and I couldn't let it go.

It called my name.

Love called my name.

Love invited me in.

And I...

I accepted the invitation.

Love uncovered who I really was.

Reminded me I was never alone. For it was Love who never left me.

When I was a prisoner it was Love that set me free. When I was hurting it was Love that healed me. When I didn't grasp love... it was Love that held me.

Held me still. In a place where I was comfortable enough to let down my guard. In that place I chose to tear down my walls. To let them go. All while Love was present and never looked away. It didn't hurt Love to see my brokenness. My abandonment as a child turned into me becoming like a child abandoned in complete surrender for Love. For what man did or didn't do wasn't bigger than what Love did.

Love held me. Love filled me up. Love inspired me to be more. Love encourages me to look like.. Love.

To a broken mom. Love.

To a mourning widow. Love.

To an old friend. Love.

To a cashier not having a good day. Love.

In a broken world. Love.


You see Love is wildly chasing us. Pursuing us. Love is calling us deeper.

The more you sit with Love the more you begin to look like Love. You learn from Love. You learn how to approach like Love. You begin to talk like Love. And Love stops you mid-sentence and tells you who you are. And the earth groans for this moment. Waiting for you to awaken to Love.

The moment you walk in full understanding of who you are and what you were created to do.


The broken mom you love.

The mourning widow. You hold with love.

Your old friend you welcome with a hug and love.

The cashier not having a good day you shower with kind words and love.

And in the broken world love shines bright.


God is Love.

Don't be afraid of who He has called you be. Let go of the lies that have been written on your heart. Listen to what Love says about you. The earth is waiting for you. People need you. God wants you. He has created you for such a time as this.



  1. Lovely words from broken walls. Looks like you are one with demo-reno projects, too. Blessings as you blossom in His interior designs for your life!!

  2. Love all. Love is very precious to keep all of you united...

  3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
    -Elizabeth Appell
    Lova ya! Penny <3