Sunday, September 6, 2015

Something Beautiful!

And there it sat. The lonely pot hidden behind my tomato plants. Filled with dirt and somehow crying out to be filled with beauty.

Before it was tucked away it was on display. First on the kitchen counter, then in the windowsill slowly making its way outside onto the patio table. 

The seeds my seven-year-old had pressed in the dirt grew. Not quite looking like the flowers we expected more like long straggly stems. Stems that bent freely over the terracotta pot. 

And I.. I don't grow flowers. I buy them. Already in bloom from local stores and plant them in the ground. Enjoying them as they flourish in season. 

So we were excited! We moved them to the patio table where the Houston humidity kissed them and the hot blistering sun.. killed them.

And for a moment in time my seven-year old's heart was sad and tears lined her face. So this momma moved them out of sight and almost out of mind. Behind the hearty tomato plants. 

Each morning we watered the tomatoes then moved along to our peppers and somewhere in between drops of water dripped into that terracotta pot.  The terracotta pot filled to the brim with dirt. And out of the dirt grew one lone stem. One lone stem.

One lone stem that sparked wonder within me.

It looked nothing like the sporadic greenery that burst out of the dirt and died. This was different. It was strong. It was sturdy. It looked like a pepper plant to me.  So I watered it. Everyday.

The tomato plants blossomed and so did the stem. The stem that grew out of the dirt. Turns out that stem wasn't a pepper plant.

It was strong, it was sturdy, it was a flower. It wore red beautifully.

My son saw this beauty one day and snapped a picture of it, somewhere in between a million selfies. He saw beauty. My thumb swiped through the pictures in my phone deleting, cleaning and creating space. And there is was. Beauty. 

Beauty that wasn't expected. Beauty that was hidden beneath the dirt. That was moved outside and thought to be dead. And maybe that's it. That's us. Hidden beneath dirt. And we blossom only to realize that parts of us need to die. To be more like Him. To look more like Christ.

When we go to The One who provides the water that never runs dry we grow. We become strong and we blossom with life. And we... we wear His red beautiful.

No matter where you have come from, where
you are at or where you are going... know this. He sees your beauty. It's blossoming underneath the showers of His water. It's what draws others to come closer. Leaning in to smell the fragrance of Him. 

Your beautiful!

Blessings always,


  1. amen, you are precious, and beautiful my friend. love you.

  2. Great Story. Your passion of Life shows through the story..

  3. What a nice story...and what a perfect photo. I'm so glad your son saw the beauty, Gods beauty is everywhere.

  4. So beautiful and so spiritual. Very well written! Thanks love!