Thursday, October 29, 2015

Refinishing Antique Frames and Uncovering Beauty Along the Way.

And there they were. Dark. Wooden. Antique frames. You heard the story about them being tucked away. Waiting to be thrown out with the day's trash. What once hung on older walls now collecting dust. Disheveled. 

And your mind ran wild with the thought of the dimly lit garage. The dusty corner they must have been stored in. The heaping pile of garbage they were destined to be thrown in. Before they reached the dump a woman's hand must have swept back the dust. Dust that covered the beauty unseen. 

Her smooth hand tracing the detail. Details lost in the dark. Light revealing what was thought to have been lost. And she... She saw beauty.

One day her hands passed the frames to you. Believing you could do something. Something beautiful. 

So... you did what most women do. Searched Pinterest. With inspiration and antique frames stretched across your table you start to fill in the broken pieces with thickened Plaster of Paris. Pressing your finger delicately across the bends. Once dried and gently sanded you begin to paint. Metallic gold across the darkened wood. No fear. Just trust. Trust.

After a night passed you slathered on light blue chalk paint. Nervousness started to shake your hands as the details of the frames were being covered. Blending. Brightening. A different look. Not quite beautiful but there was no turning back from here. So forward you must go.

Once the frames dried you slightly buffed the light blue chalk paint revealing the gold that was hidden beneath and a smile highlighted your face. You were starting to see beauty. And you... You were pleased.

The final touch. Dark antiquing wax. No one can prepare you for the dark wax. Covering up hours of work. Moving quickly you paint on a layer. Believing. It would come off perfectly. So you grab your soft cloth and begin to work in circular motions. Trying not to say, "wax on, wax off."  Please.. wax off.

After some time, you take a step back half amazed. It worked. The wax clinging only to the detail. Pulling forward the beauty. Beauty that once was covered beneath dust destined for the dump.

You snap a picture and your 15-year-old daughter says "Mom, that's Pinterest worthy!" You smile. Pleased. You deliver them to the hands that saw beauty. The hands that believed you could do something beautiful. And a story hangs on a dining room wall. Beauty for all to see.

As I type this post I see the beauty of my King. So many of us are disregarded. Tucked away and headed for the dump. Often times feeling less than garbage. Unloved. Broken. Unseen. But His spirit moves over us. With a gentle touch of Him, the dust is brushed off. 

The hurt. The offense. The pain. Blows away in His presence. He gently fills in the gaps and presses into us overwhelming love.

He stands back and He doesn't have to believe. He knows we are beautiful. The broken are healed by love. His Glory. His manifested presence hovers over us. Encouraging us. And that which was once disregarded becomes the one He uses to dust off and pick up others. The one who once felt so unloved is who He chooses to pour His love through.

And somehow that which was once broken now builds. Builds up the broken.

He loves you. He will give you beauty for your ashes. Joy for your mourning. A garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. And you.. you will be called trees of righteousness. The planting of the Lord and He... He will be glorified.

Like the frames, that bring beauty to the dining room wall. You are beautiful.

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