Tuesday, November 3, 2015

His Pride

He moves steady and with focus

Through the dry desert land

Where trees are scarce and others migrate to water sources

A sudden wind breathes across the dirt

Stirring the stillness in the air

I turn to shield my eyes and see He is here

Burning right before me


All consuming

Peace falls over this barren space

As Love kisses my being life awakens

Nervousness rolls through me

I want to hide behind the lone olive tree

That one over there

Don't you see

My back pressed up against the smooth bark

But I.. I cannot run 

I cannot move

For I am captured by intimacy

His gentle gaze settles upon me

For He is my protector

And I am His pride

My words stop here

No more to write struggling to type

For intimate places you carry deep. sacred. in your heart

You grasp them tight

Trying to keep them hidden

Like a dress seen for the first time on a wedding day

Hearts pound

Love awaits

In that place He beckons me

Out of boxes made in minds

Stepping into freedom

His invitation


Waiting to be opened

By those He loves

As His breath kicks up the dust

That covers us

Dry bones

Start to arise

For He is our Savior

And we are His pride

Imperfect words for a perfect Savior. Our Lion of Judah, an original picture completed with thousands of dots. 

Blessings always,