Friday, December 11, 2015

She Forgives.

She Forgives. 

An original art piece and imperfect prose from my heart to yours. 

She held the stone tight in her hand
In what she thought was self-defense

And the longer she held it the heavier it became
Strength no longer in her grip

It slipped 

The stone turned to many on the ground
Looking down at her weakened hand
She wondered how she had carried so many for so long
And as she stared deep into the curves on the stones
She realized they weren't her defense

The were her offence 
Stacked high shaping unforgiveness

She realized they drained her strength
Made her weak

She stopped in this place looking
long, hard and deep
There was a Peace in the air
And as she stood still
She was moved inside to forgive

As she let go
She was not only able to move
She was able to run

And that which was meant to hold her back
Launched her forward

She got lost in the moment
But before she got too far
She glanced at the rocks
And in their place
An altar

She knew then that the peace that met her there
In the unlikely of places

Was Him
the Prince of Peace
Her King
And at that altar
She was transformed
By the kiss of

Forgiveness sets us free of our own captivity and in the presence of the Holy Spirit, we are transformed to look more like Him. Pouring out His unconditional love on all. Without even knowing others lives are radically changed because we bring Heaven to earth. Be Blessed this weekend friends. If you are on Instagram connect with me there by clicking the button in the right column. I've started sharing original artwork and the story behind each piece. As always I love your comments here and I return all visits. Thank you for stopping by today.

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