Friday, July 15, 2016

Created to Fly.

She stands on the edge
Feet digging into the dusty ground
Somewhere between impossibility and destiny

She looks out over the ledge
Beauty drips from the landscape
Beckoning her to rise up and be
Who she was created to be

Her hands hold tight fists
Sweaty palms
Heart beating out of chest


She walks back
Away from the edge
Each step filling with courage
She turns swift
Her eyes focus


One heart-pounding step at a time
She runs to the edge
Silence surrounds
Only hearing her own deep breath

She feels every step
As the dust kicks up
She breathes in
And closes her eyes

She. Jumps.

Wingspan opens


The earth rises up
With great applause
The trees stand tall
Cheering her on

She. Flies.

The landscape changes
As the light, she carries
Illuminates love
Colours burst brightly as she soars

She. Flies. 

Upon wings, she kept hidden within
Wings. Dreams. Destiny.
But that day life changed
When she started to believe

She didn't turn back
No, she didn't stop
Change was too great to buckle to fear
The earth long-awaited her

With wings outstretched
And the wind beneath her
She flies into her destiny
Defeating the enemy

She. Flies.

And the world around her will never be the same.

Fly my sweet sister! Fly!

Much Love and Blessings!