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              Welcome to Shanghai meilong safety valve co., LTD.!
              English 中文版

              Shanghai meilong safety valve co., LTD.

              MFSV sefety valve


              Shanghai meilong Valve Co.,Ltd. was founded in1984.


              The whole staff of the company upholds this operatlonalconcept:"Reputation first,customer are supreme",The key of the sucessto apply new technologies,processes and materials continually to develop new and high-quality products aggressively.It gives you a quality guarantee with strict management and returns support and favor of users for Meilong Valve with its good reputation and the best service.Both old and new customers are welcome to our company for visits or instructions.Is our capability to deliver engineering solutions that add value to customer is process.


              Featuring continual technical innovation and stable product performance,the company adheres to these important rules:high standard and strict control of product quality.EveH working procedure of products follows standards and specifications in international quality systems strictly,and at Meilong,you can feel world sophisticated manufacturing technologies closely.


              With a comprehensive range of engineered valve products MFSV have developed an extensive global installed base and expertise across a wide range of industry sectors.


              They are exported to Korea,Russia,Vietnam,Turkey,lran,India and other places in the Middle East and Southeast Asia,and some products are applied for key equipment in key projects of China as substitutes of imported ones.


              Products are widely applied to


               Power Generation

               General lndustrial

               Oil&Gas Production







              Quality assueance


              So far the company has had 10 patents of utility model with independent intellectual property rights and 1 patents of invention.It exercises standard,normalized and routinized management,has a sound,perfect and effectively-operation quality management system,has successively gained ISO9001 and TS A1 and Alcertificates,and adopts international standard certificates of conformity and such qualification certificates as API.It's aprofessional manufacturer of safety valvesinteg rating R&D,production and sale.and it designs and produces a complete range of specifications of safety valves as per the latest standards,like ANSI,API,DlN,JIS and GB.


              With a nominal diameter range within DNl0~600 and 1/2"~24",nominal pressure range within 0.6~42.0 MPa and 150Lb~2500Lb and working temperature range within-196℃~570℃


              Valve Testiing Facilities


              Besides,it has more than 80 sets of equipment,like machining centers,NC lathes and general machine tools.Cryogenic safety valve testing center,Also it has sophisticated technologies and testing equipment,like physical and chemical experiments for metal materials,mechanical performance experiments,ultrasonic thickness measurement.Brinell Rockwell& Vickers hardness tests,nondestructive flaw detection and multi-element alloy analyzers,plus plasma surfacing equipment,metal heat treatment furnaces,safety valve cold state full performance test centers,spring tension and compression testing and constant temperature treatment equipment,which a re the most advanced in China,and heat treatment equipment being the most advanced both at home and abroad,like sealing surface and valve stem end high-frequency hardening.


              Further technical information can be obtained from our Web site:http://www.www.notjustanyroad.com